A message from our founder


Hi, I’m Meghan Victoria (she/her). I am a Toronto based professional makeup artist and content creator. I also have a very wide face. In fact it’s really become my entire brand showing women and makeup lovers alike how to work with their wide face to achieve their own personal beauty goals. We all know that the beauty industry has a very rigid standard of beauty and unfortunately that can be reflected in all mediums, magazines, beauty advice and products all across the spectrum.

A perfect example of this is sunglasses. As a society we are finally moving into a place where we realize we aren’t meant to fit our clothes, our clothes are meant to fit us… so why should our faces be any different?  Sunglasses are a staple accessory of self expression, confidence and can add that finishing touch to that perfect look. But the current sunglasses market does not offer adequate sizing for those with wide faces.
This is when I stepped in. With nearly a decade working in the beauty industry I wanted to use my knowledge, expertise and experience working with face shapes, beauty, symmetry etc and create the perfect sunglasses that not only fit the wide face, but flatter it as well. Not just widening the measurements but truly honing in on the features associated with a wider face and bringing them to life. So just like makeup, highlight and contour, I thought about how to craft our products using light and shadow to create the illusions of a more defined jawline, cheekbones and bring more beauty, balance and definition to the face. Offering expressive designs, designer level quality without the designer price tag… Sun’s Kiss is not just another pair of sunglasses… Sun’s Kiss is an entire experience designed with you in mind and I’m so excited and grateful to share with you.